Potter and studio owner Nicole Dubrow demonstrates turning a vase during a field interview.

Nicole Dubrow, Artist-Owner of Black Sheep Pottery

Clay and community

Potter and artist-owner Nicole Dubrow creates community with clay from her 25+ years expert experience in the field. As artist, educator, mother and maker, Nicole shapes each pot with love and genuine consideration of its place in life.

The mission of Black Sheep Pottery is to bridge the rich cultural heritage of clay with our everyday living to make like better, accessible and celebrated. Black Sheep Pottery studio opens its workspace to the Art School with weekly and daily structured classes and studio time for dedicated project based learning and workshop instruction.


The Art School and Production Pottery work side by side to integrate learning with life and add value to community experiences. 

Designing custom tableware collections for local venues like The Farmer's Daughter Restaurant, Vallini, and Mainland provide carefully curated plating for expertly designed menus of acclaimed executive Chef's in the country we are proud to call our locals!  These Chef's are dedicated to provide amazing quality of food service using incredible skill and ingredients offering expertly prepared dining experiences. 

Customers frequent the pottery shop to collect tableware pieces from these collections, as well as place custom orders inspired from these design collections for their homes, businesses and special occasions. From our studio to your home!

Why Pottery?

Food tastes better on hand crafted ceramics and pottery. Experience the benefits for yourself. One pot. One cup. One bowl or plate. When produced with eco conscious practice here at Black Sheep Pottery, pottery is earth, food and dishwasher safe, long lasting and culturally meaningful.